Our work so far – Eco Pourty

In April 2023 we launched our Eco Pourty Potty. It keeps the iconic pouring design of original Pourty but is made from a sustainable material called EcoAllene®.

EcoAllene® is the result of years of study and research. It is the newest plastic material from the recycling of polylaminate food cartons, the most common of which is known as Tetra Pak.

replan ecoallene process en
Making EcoAllene®

All of our products and their packaging can all be recycled with your household plastics, sometimes by roadside collection or at your local recycling centre depending on your local council services. There really is no need for landfil in the life of a Pourty potty.

Eco Pourty fits the definition of a circular economy product which advocates for sustainable production, reasoned consumption, efficient waste management, all while fighting for the well-being of individuals.

All Pourty potties are made in the UK so this reduces the consumption of non-renewable resources and lowers carbon emissions in relation to transportation.

Our future plans

Over time we hope replace our virgin plastic ranges with EcoAllene® or an equivalent new material and to move all of our manufacture to the UK. Although we are a small business we have big ambitions to reduce our environmental impact not only with our products but also our production processes. We make products for young children and as parents ourselves we feel a responsibility for the future of the environment. We want to make every effort to operate a responsible and sustainable business.

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