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Here are some of the kind words written about our Pourty Potty, Eco Potty, Flexi-fit Toilet Trainer and Cradle Cap Massage Brush

Pourty Potty

MUMSNET – 10 best potties and toilet training seats to help you crack potty training in 2023 – Best for ease: Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty

What we love
  • Clever design
  • No mess 
  • Easy to clean

GOOD TO KNOW – 12 of the best potties for potty training – August 2022
No 1. Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty

innovative under u10 gold

With over 3700 reviews on Amazon, it’s no surprise that this popular award-winning design potty has 4.5 stars out of 5. The brainchild of a frustrated dad, the clever easy-pour design of the Pourty Potty has a pouring duct and anti-drip lip, making it so easy to get rid of the potty contents.

There’s no spillage and no need to pull out an inner bucket. It’s also got a wide flat seat, which is comfortable to sit on and helps limit the red ring that children can get around their bottom when they have been sitting on the potty for a long time. The Pourty Potty comes in four different colours.

Mum-of-one Steph tells us, “We use this as our ‘car potty’ – great for long car journeys – and it’s so lightweight and handy. The easy-pour spout makes it a dream to drop and go.”

TODDLER TRIPS – 5 Best Travel Potty Seats For Toddlers – October 2022 Best stand alone potty

The Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty is a bag-free standalone travel potty, but it is almost just as easy to dispose of your child’s business as it features a design that makes it easy to pour the contents of it into a toilet.

The design also makes it very easy to rinse out and clean, and it features a handle to help you pour the contents of the potty out without messing anything on your hands.

EVENING STANDARD – Best potty training essentials to make toilet training your toddler a breeze – September 2022

This cleverly designed potty does exactly what it says on the tin and makes pouring straight from the potty a breeze. Designed by father-of-two Jon Rathbone after he became frustrated with the messy business of emptying a regular potty, the award-winning design comes with an in-built pouring spout at the back and a handle at the front, making it easier than ever to pour away the contents as quickly as possible without having to faff with separate inner bowls. The hard plastic construction is not the comfiest option on the market (though it does feature a wide flat seat to help in this department), but it comes in a range of bright colours that will appeal to little ones, and the cute cat design also scored bonus points with our two-year-old tester.

“As seen and demonstrated on GMTV the cleverly-designed Pourty Potty has a clever design for efficient, mess-free emptying.”

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innovative under u10 gold

innovative under u10 gold

Junior Magazine finalist award logo Pourty

Eco Pourty

Eco Pourty won the following accolades in the Loved By Parents Awards 2023

  1. Platinum Winner – Best New Product to Market 2023
  2. Platinum Winner – Best Eco-friendly Baby Care Product
  3. Gold Runner Up – Best Potty Training Product

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LBP Tried and Tested 2023 with BG 003
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Flexi-fit Toilet Trainer

The Flexi-fit Toilet trainer won a silver Practical Parenting award for Best Toilet/Potty Training product in 2010/2011

toilet training silver

In 2013 Flexi-fit won the Bizziebaby Silver Award in the Toilet Training category

Flexi Fit Pourty Silver Certificate

Pourty Flexi-fit won Gold in the Practical Parenting Awards 2013 for best toilet training product

Awardlogo13PPS GOLD

Cradle Cap Massage Brush

Our soothing Cradle Cap Massage Brush won silver 2015 Practical Pre School Awards for Best Childcare Product

Awardlogo15PPS SILVER

It then went on to win silver in the Mumii Awards for best Baby Skincare product in 2016

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