About us

Welcome to Pourty. I am Lucy Rathbone, the wife of Jonnie who invented the Pourty Potty in 2009. I run the business day to day and he has returned to his previous life of corporate law. We have three teenage children and little Westie who inspired Pourty Potty – the children, not the dog!

Our Story

The idea for the Pourty – the Potty that Pours was conceived when we were potty training our 2 eldest children. Emptying the potty was such a messy business. Jonnie was inspired to find a better way and the Pourty was born. Somehow we had Pourty on the market in time for potty training our 3rd child! It is now one of the bestselling potties in the UK and is made in Birmingham, England.

We quickly realised that not all children want to use a potty and some prefer to go straight to the toilet. We’d had problems with the toilet training seat we bought for our children because it wobbled about and didn’t give them confidence to sit on it. We came up with the Flexi-fit Toilet Trainer which adjusts to fit on most sizes and shapes of toilet seat securely without the scary wobble.

We also have a unique cradle cap brush which we sourced from a company in the US which gently eliminates cradle cap and keep it at bay.

In April 2023 we launched the Eco Pourty Potty, a sustainable potty in the same design as the original Pourty Potty. It is made from recycled post-consumer waste and is also recyclable along with its labels. All Pourty products and their packaging can be recycled so there is no need for landfill with Pourty.

Potty Inventor